We are a full service State Certified Roofing Contractor specializing in Residential and Commercial Re Roofing.  John Augusto has been in the roofing business for 24 years replacing all types of roofing.  Lic #CCC1326146

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Augusto Roofing, Inc., Roofing Contractors, Largo, FL



1.    Strict adherence to state and local building codes.  A.  Each municipality has it’s own unique interpretation of the state code and is looking for a distinct set of methods and documentation for each type of roof replacement from permitting to final inspection.  We are very familiar and keep up to date on any changes to requirements for each city/county.

2.    Adherence to manufacturer’s warranty requirements.  We want to ensure that when installing any given product, we are able to give our customers a valid warranty and in some cases an enhanced warranty, we accomplish this by being up to date on any warranty requirements from documentation to installation.

3.     Insurance discounts.  We are very conscious of insurer’s needs for documentation of product installation and photograph every phase of our re roofing jobs to ensure the customer gets any and all applicable discounts.  We strive to educate ourselves and our customers on any product changes to stay up to date with self sealing water barriers, deck re nailing and roof truss tie downs to ensure the customer is aware of any discount possibilities when making their roof replacement decisions.

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